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An envelope site for following productivity applications.

Vwork247 is a premium visual-medium destination that seeks to captivate and connect viewers with the content they love. We explain your concepts, ideas, services, products or causes. We are engaged in creating amazing experiences that would celebrate the best of creativity and technology. We pursue this mission, by striving to continue to redefine and reinvent the viewing experience. These videos are aimed to catch the attention of your viewers. It can be part of your websites, or other promotional materials. Every animated video, we create fresh approach to explain your products, services, concepts or causes. (Released for Public Beta)

An intelligent website builder with our own content management system.

Webbry is your new resource for powerful marketing machine. Our websites are on Web 3.0 standards. Fully integrated with your office, human resources and the customers. We provide that seamless integration 24/7 effortlessly so you may concentrate on what you do best. You clients can schedule on line. Agree to your terms and pay on line. Your customers can talk to you in real time, you can even see each other, if you like. Our sites get you found easily on the search engines. We provide you with state of the art content management system that is voted for much better than Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. If your goal is finding the leads from your website, lets show you the system that works. Give us a try and let us know of your opinions.

Project management system in cloud for teams of any size.

PnaPna work management system is designed to track the development of projects that may take long time to complete, providing work managers and other team members a single access point for all the relevant information on any given project. Our system includes: Planning; Budgeting; Invoicing; Managing inventory; Assigning human resources; Tasking assignments (including tracking their progress and closing them out once complete); File sharing; and, Bug reports for different verticals such as Web designers, Construction industry, General office, Legal, Real estate etc. The primary goal is to increase company efficiency by making the entire project cycle visible to all team members. Each team member is given their own credentials, allowing them to customize their view (List view or Planner view), report progress on their own work, and monitor the progress of others. Most employees shall find themselves to be more efficient in this environment, it allows people to identify problems before/as they arise, and it eliminates any question as to the current status of any outstanding tasks. It also provides a single access point for all company-related information, eliminating lost documents. The system is designed for teams scattered across rooms or globe as long they are connected by web. The system resides in cloud and content can be kept in encrypted format. Special modules like task time tracker and employee monitoring, are the mainstay of our system and are very useful for teams working across many time zones. There are many special modules for specific trades like real time video editing / markup in collaboration for web / video designers.

On line, real time mark up system for images, videos, or websites.

Mediapprove is a product of Incubers, a web technologies development company and producer of major portals. It is most suitable for graphics and web designers and video creators who wish to collaborate with their clients in real time and let their clients mark up for faster turnarounds. We are still in beta and not all tools have been installed, but we are free until all tools have been installed and all bugs have been cleared. We would appreciate any feedback, or any new features that you would see incorporated.

Employee monitoring system.

Incutime is a Tag On Software for PnaPna yet it is stand alone product. It is grouped with PnaPna Premium bundle, and PnaPna basic is integrated in Incutime. Incutime was initially created for our own in-house use, because existing there was one project management software that did all that we wanted it to do. All other time-tracking software were either far too complicated, too expensive or we had to use too many different portals for it. We believe that software should make our lives easy, empower work, not get in the way of us doing better. Incutime does two functions, Employee monitoring, and task time tracking, which are insanely simple to deploy. These products just work in the background effortlessly, automatically virtually and there is nothing to do except sign in. The software takes over from that point on wards. The admin sets some ground rules (initially which can be amended at any time, like how often the employee desktop shall be photographed, or at what intervals the web cam will take employee images etc.) then every time the employee the comes to work he / she will log in with secured credentials and takes a task that has been assigned to him / her. The admin will know in real time the status of the employee computer no matter where the employee is, regardless of the time zone or the continent. Complete Stats are available to the admin as to which task too how much time and why. All billing details are at the tip of admin's command. Payroll can be generated in any currency, format as the admin like. Now that is the power of simplicity and technology.

A niche search engine for certifized homes.

Welcome to Certified Multi List Search, your search resource for any home for sale on the market and or buying and selling needs of prized certified and certifiable homes. We have garnered the press for being the unique and most useful real estate portal in North America, because we are changing the real estate and inspection industry with a revolutionary Certifized Pre-Owned Home™ process that focuses on the efficiencies of the system. These efficiencies are so valuable that we have applied for USA and international patents of our business model, logo and phrases etc. The listings in our database carry most comprehensive real time data available including the contact information of the realtor and or the home owner, when available. Other leading free major search engines do not provide the contact information of the original listing owner, which we believe is crucial for the listing owner to have. Several other major search engine like and ceased free real estate search engines. We have the most robust free search engine on the cloud powered by "CeMuLiSe". About 80% of the real estate searches start from internet. We intend to be the prime free search engine for North American users. We are still in beta and our mobile platforms are in progress. While we are compiling the results of the pilot tests from selective markets, as of this release, we are also gearing up to serve nation wide. We have partnered with the Independent State Licensed or Accredited members of the Cooperative of Professional Certifying Home Inspectors (www.COPCHI.Org). The typical home inspection model, in use currently, is simply not conducive to all situations. American Bureau of Certification has the protocols for pre-owned homes being used for the Certified Homes in the data base herein. In this portal, it shall be our strategy, to also feature the best selection of Realtors, Attorneys, Financiers, Insurance agents and other professionals involved in the process of buying and selling of Real Estate. Our advertised companies and agents feature some of the best known and most respected names in the real estate. While we are busy trying to fill up our data base of Certified Homes, in the interim, we are also listing homes that are "Certifiable", free of any cost, to sellers and agents, provided they agree to certify it, when a prospective buyer is ready. So please, take a moment to search through the listings, here or elsewhere and let us know if there is any listing that you like. If it is not yet certified, let us know and we shall try to have it certified for you, quickly. We're certain that you will find our method very satisfactory. Certification means that the home will be presented to you after the home inspection and you can see the home inspection report before you make any offer on it. The buyer may not have to pay for the home inspection for a pre-certified home. The buyer also gets a warranty on the home at closing that ensures the credibility of the certified home further.


An on site reporting system that resides in cloud.

We are producers of integrated software. From our own major document assembly software in cloud (SAAS), we have customized Report on net for a niche application in home industry. Please write to us if you needs are different from the line up here. Report on Net (RON) is a diversified, On-line reporting system, suitable for most major industry protocols and can be customized to suite your needs. You can insert your company's name, title or subtitles of the pages, change the header, comments as you go or keep it in your templates in our system. Currently, we are beta testing in actual field trials and hence all our plans are completely free. However you do need to register with us before you can try or use the system. Your comments in improving the system are welcome. At RON, we believe that era for desktop reporting software is passing. With so many issues with licensing like number of machines, upgrades etc, and for what you pay for a decent desk top application, you can get five times more reports and many more features that desktop applications can never provide. You can use this system on any type of device, tablet, or ipad or use it in your office, on line or offline, and your clients get the report on line (or soon by even snail mail) all from your touch of the button. No time is wasted, neither on site, nor afterwards, as you start with the same format and store it on the servers. We are also experimenting with voice prompts from the PC OS, which will guide you, as you conduct the inspection and most of the fields will be filled in automatically.

A cloud hosting server.

At Pinome Cloud, we have created a cloud hosting system that is both packed with features and easy to make use of. Our devs have put together a custom Linux cloud web hosting platform as well as an intuitive Website Control Panel that properly takes advantage of its features. As a result of long hours of development and bug fixing on our end, we are today capable to guarantee that all our cloud hosting services are safe, virus-proof, packed with features and simple-to-work-with. Also, they have 99.9% server uptime in addition to 99.9% network uptime guarantees.

Service company for all our products employs more than 12 associates.

Increase transformation, drive efficiency, gain business intuitive... see how incubers services helps clients proficiently in business performances. incubers services is one of globalmajor and advanced providers of technology and outsourcing services specialising in Custom software development, Web application development, Mobile app development and Digital marketing. incubers services inventive and leading edge solutions in Application Development, Cloud, web application development, mobile apps development, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise workflow Optimisation, unite best in class methodologies utilising its global delivery model. We strongly believe that almost any function that exists in brick and mortar form or in any mental domain can also be duplicated in web form or to compliment it effectively. If you have an idea, that you believe can be pixilated, let us work on it. Although we can work almost, in any platform or computer language but our preferred choice is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, NodeJS, Angular JS). We are trusted data entry company in the competitive but vibrant industry of data entry, data conversion, data mining and document scanning, with a wide. The experience of our promoters and team of programmers, designers and developers, help us to integrate the perfect IT solutions for businesses. Our understanding of the IT domain is not restricted to specific industries and we can help you in drawing solutions with our deep knowledge base, whatever industry you cater to.

I Maintain Sites, is a information technology and website maintenance service.

I Maintain Sites, is a information technology and website maintenance service. We resolve issues, for one time ad hoc basis, or weekly / bi-weekly / monthly / yearly membership plans. We monitor any type of website regularly and upgrade content as needed. We are a full service IT / Software shop and will provide software / web services for logos, to videos to any software needs. Give us a try for free, for 30 days!

We do everything in-house from logo, images, video, content, SEO, maintenance, to complete management.

We cater to businesses, who do not have the time or resources to do everything themselves. There is a learning curve to everything. 98% of the businesses who attempted to doing it themselves quit in between, or after less than 6 months of launching. We are your local IT/software/web technologies company, as though we were a department within your company. We have the resources of the full service agency on the Madison Avenue for the fraction of the fees you will pay there. (Coming soon)

A content management system that is easier than WORDPRESS.

A content management system that is easier than WORDPRESS. Can be used in many languages.

A video marketing portal.

A video marketing portal. We mean to make your message loud and clear. We believe that video is a very powerful medium to engage audience, and it has the power to transform the way people think and feel. We are a medium sized studio of engineers, thinkers and designers. We love what we do, and enjoy seeing satisfied clients. Strategy, creativity and technical excellence is our formula to produce successful work.

Free Software for converting WORD DOCS to PDF.

Free Software for converting WORD DOCS to PDF.

Free Fonts Downloads portal.

Free Fonts Downloads portal.

A banner ad system.

B2B marketers use the AdRation Marketing Platform to reach their target prospects online and shape purchase decisions. AdRation's data management and targeting technology, fueled by a proprietary audience of business population, enables precise and measurable display and social advertising programs for professionals from around the world to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnel. We’re in the business of helping marketers “get to the right people.” The AdRationnians who support this mission are as diverse in personality as they are in location. But what unites us all is our penchant for all things, and our goal to create a world in which every online marketing touch point is more relevant, useful and valuable to business users wherever they travel online. Whether you’re an advertiser, publisher, agency, or technology partner, we want to ensure that every interaction you have with us is positive, informative, and worthwhile. Since we operate a business that utilizes information about people, we are sensitive to the requirements of trust and responsibility that this carries. We have developed the following tenets that are shared with all of our employees, partners, and users, and which pervade our business and privacy policies from top to bottom to be honest, open, trustworthy and fun.