bio Vijay Kumar Chopra

Vijay K Chopra (Jay’s) mission is to empower and enrich human lives.

Jay is a native of India, and is now a naturalized USA citizen. After under-graduation in Marine Mechanical Engineering (1963-67) he sailed for about 4.5 years then moved to USA for Masters in Management at State University of NY (1971-73). He started his Ship management career with Oracle Shipping (1973) and last served as Manager Marine Services at Island Creek, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum (Worlds 7th largest energy company) until 1982.

In 1982, He branched out on his own starting with construction , until he met a debilitating accident in 1993. During this period, he remodeled many structures, built new homes and commercial spaces. He literally rose like a Phoenix after this hospitalization and worked at HVAC company. In 1998 Jay started again on his own and operated a successful construction consulting, and inspection company.

In the Real estate downturn (2007), Jay took hiatus from construction / inspections to start a software company to create (Website builder competitor), (Project management software), (Web conference software like, (CMS like WORDPRESS) etc. This software is a collection of life / work digital tools and is being positioned to be a multi-million dollar venture. This software company and all of the 100+ URLS are wholly owned by Jay. Day to day operations are managed by employees.

In 2014 Jay returned to his passion in construction, consulting and Home inspection. With 12,000+ inspections and 1+ million SF built, under his belt, Jay is uniquely qualified to operate a mega construction business. With the macro markets opening up in USA, it appears to be good time to re-launch the construction endeavor. Jay is assisted by a professional team to manage day to day operations.

All ventures are self funded and profitable from day one. Jay is also training mid and senior level managers to take charge of the ventures to be able to scale up with pubic capital.

Jay is constantly scouting for talent, capital and business ventures / idea and is tinkering with technology to bring it benefits to the common man. Be it real structures or virtual tools.

He lives with his wife in Piscataway, NJ, USA. They have three children and a grand son.

Phone: 908 200 2020 Cellular: 908 578 0934 Twitter @EngineerChopra

Email: Skype: vijay_kumar_chopra @Piscataway NJ USA

82 School St., Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA